Monday, November 26, 2012


The African Paradise Fly-catcher we've been watching over the last few weeks just laid two eggs.

Here she is...laying the eggs.  

Here is one of the eggs.  There is another one just below it.  Sorry for the bad picture...I snuck up to the nest right after she flew off but I didn't want to spook her so I snapped the picture without looking.

A male Africa Paradise Fly-catcher has been trading off with her, the job of sitting on the eggs.  I took this picture with my phone so I couldn't zoom in.  Look closely in the middle of the picture and you'll see a bird with bright blue eye-liner and a longer tail.  

To give you some perspective...this is our tent.  The skinny tree to the left of the picture, next to the fire place, is the tree that she built the nest in.  

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