Friday, November 16, 2012

Tuka Pamoja

A conversation I overhead between Amanda and an Armed Game Ranger....

Amanda:  "What happened to your head?" (Armed Game Ranger had a cut on the top of his head)

Armed Game Ranger:  "I was chased by a hippo this morning.  I was walking to my post and this hippo on land started chasing me so I ran as fast as I could through the bush and got away.  But, I scratched myself on my head as I was running through the bushes".  

Amanda:  "Really?  Simon (a different Armed Game Ranger) and I were chased away from the water by a hippo just a few minutes ago while I was checking on an experiment."  

Armed Game Ranger:  "I don't know what was wrong with the hippos today...they have been very upset.  Tuka Pamoja."  

"Tuka Pamoja" roughly means "we are together."

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