Reports and Data

The Mara River Research Database:

Created for GLOWS, this database contains all the known water related research from within the Mara River Basin.  Read more about it at the GLOWS website or download the database.  The database works best if downloaded directly to your computer and then opened in Adobe Acrobat. 

Reports by us or our associates:

Master's Theses from the Mara River Basin:

Mara River Flows Newsletter

While we were working in the basin with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and GLOWS, we worked to keep our colleagues and stakeholders in the basin informed of our work.  The Mara River Flows Newsletter was our attempt to keep our network informed of our activities. It was published monthly in 2009 and 2010.  It has briefs on the state of the river as well as comments on conservation and governance developments within the Mara River Basin.

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