Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lions in Camp

We've had heavy rain for the last few days.  Last evening was the first night with no rain and a pride of lions decided to invade camp just as we had finished up dinner (which included barbeque chicken pizzas and peanut butter cookies).  They stuck around all evening, only leaving this morning at 6:30AM when we exited our tent and started making lots of noise.  It seems like the lions came to our camp just to play with everything we had sitting outside after several nights of rain and little activity.  They didn't destroy much, thankfully.

I've been experimenting with a new game camera and had inadvertently left it out sitting on some water jugs next to our tent facing our shower.  Our other game camera was on the edge of camp recording 30 seconds of video every time a lion passed in front of it.  All the lions look very innocent in the below images and video...we didn't get any footage of them destroying one of our water jugs or stealing our dish washing sponge.  Here are some of the highlights:

Large female lion walking past our shower

Two female lions walking around camp

Two young lions

Two lions

Several lions walking through camp.

A female lion calling while walking through camp (turn up your volume).

Two young lions.  Watch for the lions breath near the end of the clip.

 Two young lions playing.

 Our game camera being mauled by a lion.

Luckily, our camera still works!  
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