Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some more critters...

Here are a few of the gems we found over the last few weeks. I would have posted them earlier but we had almost no connectivity once we entered Tanzania last week.

This is a Jackson's Forest Lizard we found next to a cave by a waterfall.

We think this guy is also a Jackson's Forest Lizard. You can see his tail to the left of the picture under the leaves and then his eye is peeking through at the intersection of two blades of grass. He was in some rocks next to a fast moving stream.

Ok. This is a story. We were at a waste water run off stream that was flowing into a larger river. I was walking across this log that was suspended over this smaller tributary next to the larger river. I looked down and saw this guy. In the picture...look center then go a little to the left and down. We think he is a ridge frog....a bright green stripe down his back. I tried to get a better picture but every time I went to balance would go and I would almost fall in the creek.

This guy is a Keller's Foam-Nest frog. He was quite tolerable of us handling him. We found him at night on a wall above the door to our hotel room.

This is another Von Hohnel's Chameleon. Found him next to a river two days ago. I saw some frogs jumping from a large bunch of tall grass and went over to see what I could find. As I was walking around in the tall grass, I inadvertently pushed some other grass on top of this guy. He as not too happy. As you can see from the picture above, he was "black with rage".

This is that same Von Hohnel's Chameleon from the above picture. This picture was taken about 15 minutes after the first one. You can see that he has calmed down a little and is not quite as "black with rage". It was pretty neat to see him change color in response to his mood over the couple of minutes we observed him.

There are a bunch more photos here:
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