Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Natural Water Filter

Access to clean, drinkable water is one of the biggest issues here. This is one of the solutions we've seen so far. It is a very simple, natural water filter. You simply remove the wooden hat and pour "dirty" water into the top. The water then slowly filters downward through a natural biofilm layer (algae that naturally forms at the top of the unit), a layer of 18 inches of fine sand, a layer of 2 inches of course sand and then 2 inches of gravel. The water pressure then forces the "clean" water through a hose at the bottom of the unit up and out of the "nose" of the unit.

The water filter unit...nicely painted.

Our host for the day removes a metal plate from the top of the unit as he describes the inner workings of the filter.

This is a picture of the assembly line for making the water filters. They make them outside on the side of a hill overlooking a fast flowing river. Each unit only costs about 2,000 Kenyan Shillings (about $35) to make so they are quite economical.
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