Saturday, September 14, 2013

Irony or Karma?

Amanda and I are staying the evening in Musoma, Tanzania.  We spent 7 hours driving down here from our camp for the Mara Day Celebrations in Mugumu, Tanzania, tomorrow.  After 7 hours of dirt road driving....we are covered in dust.  Glad to be back in Musoma.  Glad to be back to a hot shower.

The last few days have been extremely busy.  We covered our entire study area over the last few days.  Each day, we spent 8+ hours directly next to the river tending to experiments, in the heat of the sun (series we're currently watching).  We then spent several hours a day processing samples and driving to and from our sites.  On top of that, Amanda has been sick with a vicious cold.  Thankfully, she is starting to feel much better.

So....the point of this is that we are happy to be in our favorite Tanzanian town, Musoma.  We just had some amazing fish fingers and cold beers at our hotel and are ready for a hot shower....but...there is no water.

Musoma is on the largest tropical lake in the world, Lake Victoria....and there is no water at our hotel.  We study the quantity and quality of water of the Mara River...which flows into Lake Victoria.  I can smell the water from our hotel...I can see it from our window...but there is no water AT the hotel.  I can tell you exactly how much water is in the Mara River at the Purungat Bridge at any time, but I can't find any at our hotel right now.  We are here to celebrate an amazing river basin, the Mara River Basin, yet there is no water at our hotel in the river basin.  Irony or karma?

But thankfully, we do have we are catching up on all the recent music videos.  We'll be dirty for the celebrations tomorrow but at least we'll be caught up on pop culture.  
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