Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Done with repairs...

I think I'm finally done with the much-needed maintenance for our truck.  It took us about 7 days, but we...
  • Overhauled the main gear box
    • replaced the main gear
    • replaced 4 syncromesh rings
  • Replaced the housing for the center diff - attached to the transfer case (it cracked last year)
  • Replaced the ball joint
  • Changed the fuel and oil filters
  • Changed the motor oil, diff oils and main gear box oil
  • Greased both propeller shafts, both front wheels and all u-joints
  • Replaced the accelerator cable
  • Replaced the rear brake pads
  • Fix the welding for the two spot lights
  • Changed one brake light
  • Welded five cracks found in the supports connecting the chassis to the frame
  • Replaced the driver's door striker
  • Greased both bearings in the driver's side rear wheel
I have now moved onto other projects...including working on a steel security/protective case for our experimental water logger with the guys at the garage.

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