Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sundowner with KT and David

One of my good friends and cohort-mates from the EEB department at Yale, KT Mertes, also conducts her doctoral research in Kenya. She studies spatial habitat use and movement patterns of birds at Mpala Research Center, near Nanyuki, and is interested in scaling up movement patterns to more accurately understand range distribution patterns. KT has been a huge help in making it through the first two years of grad school and developing my research proposal, so it was really exciting when she and her husband, David Schwartz, were able to come down and help out with our research for a few days. The first big wildebeest die-off of the season had just occurred, so we kept them busy during their two-day visit with carcass counts, water sample collection and a nutrient limitation experiment. However, we did find some time for a sundowner-- the lovely Kenyan tradition of toasting the sunset.
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