Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Karibu Mara Emma and Pat!

The past two weeks we were really fortunate to have two new visitors to the Mara. Emma Rosi-Marshall (middle) is a river ecologist and ecosystem ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, and she's on my doctoral research committee. Pat Charlebois (right) is an aquatic ecologist who works on invasive species for Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. They came to help out with our research, get to know the Mara better, and bring over an exciting new piece of equipment and train us to use it (more on that later!).

As seems to be the norm for our guests, we stayed super busy throughout their visit-- driving across the whole middle portion of the basin, seeing all of our study sites and getting a lot of research done-- which made it difficult for me to keep up with the blog. However, I wanted to share some of the exciting things we saw and did over the past few weeks, so stay tuned for a few blog posts to come...
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