Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Solar Cooking

We've been doing a fair amount of Solar Cooking here in Kenya.  I had purchased a Solar Cooker in the US and brought it here with me (it was only about 20 bucks....but you can make one yourself with some aluminum foil and cardboard).  Here are some pictures of our Solar Cooker in action...and how we are using it.  

On the bank of the Mara River...working in the river as the cooker is in the foreground cooking our lunch.  The crocodiles on the other bank didn't really seem to mind the Solar Cooker.

A friend and his family stopped by and we prepared a lunch for them with our Solar Cooker.

The Solar Cooker on top of our the Land our lunch as we work in the river.

We visited the Solar Cooker's International Office in Nairobi and bought a Solar Cooker for some Maasai friends of ours.  We saw him the next day using it to heat water for Chai.  

The best thing about the Solar Cooker is that it does not use costly fuel or energy.  

Get more info here:  Solar Cookers International.

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