Thursday, September 18, 2008

African Hoopoes and Hippo Dung

I was sitting outside yesterday...digging through Hippo dung (mafi ya Kiboko) with a pair of tweezers when this guy flew African Hoopoe.

Just so you all know....this is what we've got in front of us for the next few days...all the tupperware containers contain samples from all of our sample sites....and we have to dig through them with tweezers and gently remove any bugs...then put the bugs into the small bottles.  Each tupperware container takes about 2 hours and we have well over 80 of them.  Most of the contents are Hippo dung....because there are so many Hippos in the Mara River that the entire bottom of the river is covered by Hippo dung.  Wish us luck!

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