Thursday, June 12, 2008

Terrorists, Maasai, Cows and the Buffalo.

A few tidbits:
  • We visited a traditional Maasai Manyatta last week. Here is part of their dance that they did to greet us. Funny....just before we left, one of the Maasai Warriors whipped out his cell phone and exchanged numbers with Amanda. That same warrior just called us yesterday and informed us that the Wildebeest migration has started.


  • The University of Nairobi has a basketball team. They are known as the Nairobi "Terrorists". I'm told that they've had that name way before all this terrorism business started up.

  • During our visit to the Maasai Manyatta, Amanda asked one of the warriors about their cultural beliefs. The Maasai believe that they descended down from heaven with their cattle. Their cattle are very essential to their lifestyle...encompassing all aspects of life. The wild buffalo that roam the savannahs are seen as cattle that got lost from the herd.

  • The wild buffalo are huge. We saw this herd of wild buffalo approximately 100 yards from where we were staying. We talked with a few of the Kenyan Wildlife Service personnel and were advised to not go outside after dark. They also gave us a few pointers about dealing with wild animals...such as...if chased by a buffalo, run as fast as you can and get up a tree.

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