Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Pictures From the Maasai Mara

You'll notice that most of our pictures are embedded with GPS data. We're embedding all of our pictures that so we can track the locations that we've spotted different types of wildlife. For instance, we've found several reptiles that may be out of their normal ranges so this enables us to document the exact location they've been discovered to document their range extension. We're doing this using a Trackstick (I purchased two several years ago for use overseas and they've recently updated their software to allow the embedding of photos) to record our locations and then correlating that with our pictures by the time embedded in the Trackstick records and the time embedded in the photos.

Here is a Vervet Green Monkey. We've seen two different groups of these monkeys spread throughout the Maasai Mara. They are quite curious and will watch us as we work or travel through an area. Occasionally, one or two will approach us but they will not any closer than about 6 feet.

We've also seen Savannah Baboons in several places throughout the reserve. They always run and hide if they see us. We understand they can be quite mean and exceptionally smart.

This is a Secretary Bird. He is quite the ferocious snake eater.

Herds of Zebra and other ungulates cover the reserve.

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