Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Camp Day

Days like today, are necessary.  Today was a Camp Day.  A day we stay in camp and tend to everything that we've neglected for the last week.

I'm amazed with all we got done today...
  • oil change for the Land Rover
  • oil filter change for the Land Rover
  • fuel filter change for the Land Rover
  • Geemi spent 3 hours cleaning the interior and exterior of the Land Rover (I didn't recognize it when he was done!)
  • 4 hours of computing statistics for our research on the computer (until the battery died)
  • drying the last week of sediment samples in the solar oven
  • cleaning the "lady cave" prior to Amanda's arrival, so she'll never know we were there
  • making bagels for the upcoming week (including pesto bagel pizzas for dinner!)
  • cleaning sample equipment with deionized water
  • going through the previously downloaded footage from the game camera
And with that...I leave you with video of a HUGE elephant tusking our game camera in camp.

No time for laundry or showers yet.  If you're planning a visit to camp, come by after Friday.  :)
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