Sunday, January 27, 2013


One of the major challenges we had this year was caused by the inherent variability of flows.  When we needed low flows, they were high.  When we needed high flows, they were low.  

We were constantly running around with several sets of 10 tiles zip-tied to a metal frame, trying to keep them in the water.  We had to leave a set in the water for about 3 weeks, at several different locations spread throughout the basin.  

It was always heartbreaking to arrive after 2 or 3 weeks to one of our tile locations to find this...

Beached tiles!  We were trying to grow algae on the tiles.  When they are no longer underwater, the algae does not grow.  It very quickly gets desiccated in the hot African sun and dies.  Usually when we would show up, half of our tiles would be destroyed by hippos or other large wildlife walking in or near the water.  We were fortunate that the hippos spared this set.  So, we moved them back into the water to try again...

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