Monday, December 10, 2012

Optimism... and a lot of metal

There’s a famous quote from former President Ronald Reagan, “Trust, but verify.” We have adopted an adaptation of this quote for our own work, “Be optimistic, but use lots of metal.”

This year, we have lost 3 depth loggers, 1 barometric pressure logger, 1 uplinked game camera, about 30 litterbags, and countless ceramic tiles. Fortunately, we lost almost all of these to natural forces, as I would rather lose 3 depth loggers to a highly dynamic river than have one stolen by someone-- the latter is much harder on the spirit. However, it was a tough season for equipment, and it dealt blows to both our morale and budget. So what do we do in response? Deploy more, of course… there’s still really cool stuff to measure out there. But this time add some extra chains, custom-welded housings, several padlocks, and a few zip ties for good measure.

Reinforced game camera on the river

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