Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Elephants...

You can't keep sleeping in our camp.  It is terribly difficult for us to get any sleep with all your stomach grumblings.  Those noises that you make that sound exactly like a lion growling are also quite difficult to sleep through.  I don't think you understand...that we can't get out of our tent to use the restroom while you are sleeping next to it.  This makes for a bit of an uncomfortable situation in the morning when everyone's bladder's are full.  I can see that you didn't have any trouble using the restroom next to our tent last night, so I hope you'll understand my request.  

It just occurred to me...that maybe you have gotten confused by our solar camp shower.  When it is hanging in the tree, it does look a bit like an elephant's trunk.  Maybe you feel comfortable here because of it.  We'll be sure and take it down at night so you don't get confused again.  

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