Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost there...

We arrived back in Narok this weekend, the small town where we used to live and which will be our primary staging/re-supply area for this summer. We're fortunate to be staying in the little house where we lived for 2.5 years, so it feels like coming back home. We have a lot of good friends here, and the dogs and chickens are all still around. This week we're sorting through our gear, getting the Land Rover up and running, re-packing, and buying yet more supplies like chain, pipes and fence posts for securing our data loggers. We hope to head to the Mara by this weekend-- keep your fingers crossed!

As we prepare all of our equipment, I keep feeling like we must be doing something wrong to have all of this gear we have to lug around. The Maasai, who leave home for weeks at a time with bow and arrows, a blanket and a gourd of milk, look utterly amazed one person could need so much!
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