Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mara Crocodiles

Check out this article for some recent pictures of a croc trying to get a wildebeest in the Mara River.  The article states that the late rains delayed the migration which in turn reduced the food availability for the crocs.  We have seen in the Mara that with lower flow levels, the crocs can not hunt as effectively.  Lower average flows and a delay in the migration could have an effect on the reproduction cycle of the Mara population.  Anecdotally, we've noted lower crocodile nesting success following years of lower flow.  During lower flow years, the wildebeest can effortless cross the river and are not subjected to mass drownings - like in 2007.

It is interesting to imagine what else is impacted by low flow levels and how those changes could cascade through a system.  
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