Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What have we been doing all week in Delft, The Netherlands?  Other than hanging out with the McClains and attending the Mara Flows Inception Workshop, we have been painstakingly processing over 250 water samples from the Mara River Basin taken over the last two years.  Special thanks goes out to Fred and Ferdi for helping us out with all the analysis.  Ferdi has given us a great deal of time over the last two weeks to teach us the methods used by the UNESCO-IHE lab.

Here is Ferdi and Amanda preparing 20 of our samples to analyze them for of the many items we are looking for in our samples.

Even with two straight weeks of 10 hour days in the lab, we still will not be able to get everything analyzed.  Thankfully, a Mara Flows student is going to help out.  Frank has been helping us this week with the preparation of our samples and he is going to volunteer some of his time over the next few weeks to assist with some of the other analysis.  Thanks Frank!
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