Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chicken Thievery

Our first full day home in Narok and four of our chickens were stolen from the chicken coop in the middle of the day. Magic (the largest rooster in Narok) and three of our layers (Ruby, Cleo, and Rocket) all were snatched between 10AM and 1PM. We were not home at the time and our watchman was away for a short while as well. We found the portion of our barbed wire fence where the thief (or thieves) probably came through. Our network is hot on the trail so hopefully we'll figure something out soon. Unfortunately, there were not enough police in Narok yesterday so they were unable to come to the house, investigate, or take a report. We'll try again today.

The strange thing about this is that Amanda and I were just talking yesterday about how we have so many chickens now we should provide some to family as a possible income generating operation for a family in need. We were talking about giving a family one of our roosters and a few layers to get them started working with chickens and possibly selling their eggs locally or breeding them.

We still have about 14 chickens but most are very young. I guess we'll just have to wait till they grow up to be able to help a local family in need. Such a shame...
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